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  • Governmental membership
    Ukraine has been a Governmental Member of EQAR since February 2008.

    Map: EHEA countries by governmental membership

  • General information on higher education

    In Ukraine higher education is offered by different types of institutions i.e universities, academies, institutes, conservatories (music academies), colleges, and technical schools. Academic studies are generally carried out at universities, academies and institutes, while applied studies are carried out primarily at colleges and occasionally at universities, academies, institutes as well.

    The National Agency for Higher Education Quality Assurance (NAQA) is currently responsible for the accreditation of study programmes for the three cycles i.e. Bachelor, Master, PhD and the institutional accreditation of higher education institutions (HEIs).

  • National external quality assurance requirements
    • Institutional accreditation
      The regulation on institutional accreditation is currently being developed.

    • Programme accreditation
      The study programme accreditation is mandatory for all study programmes (Bachelor, Master, PhD). The accreditation is conducted according to the Regulations on Accreditation of Study Programs in Higher Education (adopted on 11.07.2019).

  • EHEA key commitment

    Not aligned to the ESG

    A quality assurance system is in operation nationwide, but has not (yet) been fully aligned to the ESG

  • Cross-border quality assurance

    Recognising EQAR-registered agencies as part of the national external QA requirements

    • Eligibility requirements for foreign agencies: quality assurance agencies (other than NAQA) have to be approved by the order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. The order dates back to 10 July 2019 No. 554-p. The approved list is composed of EQAR-registered agencies which have been included in the Register before July 2019 (see approved list in the links included below). 

    • Conditions for the agencies’ work (e.g. criteria to be used): own criteria

    • Recognition of reviews carried out by foreign agencies: the final decision on accreditation of study programmes is equivalent to the accreditation by NAQA. The information about each accredited programme is entered into the Unified State Electronic Database on Education. See more under Chapter V of Regulations on Accreditation of Study Programmes in Higher Education (link below).

    Map: recognition of cross-border quality assurance

  • European Approach for Quality Assurance of Joint Programmes

    European Approach not available to higher education institutions

    • No, the European Approach is not available to higher education institutions in the country.

    Map: availability of the European Approach for QA of Joint Programmes

Registered agencies operating in Ukraine