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  • Governmental membership
    Montenegro has been a Governmental Member of EQAR since June 2011.

    Map: EHEA countries by governmental membership

  • General information on higher education

    Higher education is offered at the public University of Montenegro and two private universities i.e. Mediteran University and University Donja Gorica. Higher education studies are also offered in one public and nine other private faculties.

  • National external quality assurance requirements

    The responsible body for the accreditation and reaccreditation process of HEIs and study programmes is the Council for Higher Education, appointed by the Government of Montenegro.

    Higher education institutions are required to have an accreditation certificate and a license issued by the Ministry of Education in order to enroll students and carry out study programmes.

    • Programme (re-)accreditation
      Accreditation is conducted by a commission appointed by the Council for Higher Education and it is issued for three years. Studies that have a longer duration may be accredited for the period equal to duration of their study programme.

    • Institutional (re-)accreditation

  • EHEA key commitment

    Partially aligned with the ESG

    A fully functioning quality assurance system is in operation nationwide but only some higher education institutions are subject to regular external quality assurance by an agency that has successfully demonstrated compliance with the ESG through registration on EQAR

  • Cross-border quality assurance

    Recognising foreign agencies based on their own framework/requirements

    • Eligibility requirements for foreign agencies: The agency is selected following a public call launched by the ministry. The decision on the selected agency is taken by the Ministry of Education in consultation with the Council. The costs of the evaluation are covered by the institution.  

    • Conditions for the agencies’ work (e.g. criteria to be used): the agency's own evaluation standards or the evaluation standards adopted by the Council.

    • Recognition of reviews carried out by foreign agencies: The decision on institutional re-accreditation is taken by the Council based on the results and recommendations of the report.

    Map: recognition of cross-border quality assurance

  • European Approach for Quality Assurance of Joint Programmes

    European Approach not available to higher education institutions

Registered agencies operating in Montenegro