Third-Party Complaints

Individuals or organisations that have substantiated concerns about a registered agency’s compliance with the ESG or the external review process may bring those to EQAR’s attention.

In line with EQAR’s Complaints Policy, a complaint will only be considered if it is credible, substantiated and supported by appropriate evidence, references, examples etc. The complaints may only relate to a registered agency’s substantial compliance with the ESG, or the integrity of the external review process on the basis of which EQAR admitted an agency to the Register.

EQAR does not have a mandate or authority to review individual processes or decisions of registered agencies concerning a particular higher education institution or programme. Furthermore, EQAR cannot be expected to interpret national legislation, European Union law, or any other applicable rules. These concerns should be addressed with the competent courts or authorities.

The Register Committee will analyse the complaint (if it is in line with the Complaints Policy) and check whether there is prima facie evidence for a systemic problem in terms of ESG compliance. The agency will be informed of the complaint and may be asked to provide clarifications or informations related to the complaint.

If the complaint is not substantiated the Register Committee will take no action on the complaint.

If the complaint is substantiated it may result in:

  • A formal warning statement published on the entry of the agency on the Register. The Register Committee may decide on a formal warning if the reported issue relates to an isolated case and does not affect the agency’s substantial compliance with the ESG in general. The warning does not influence the registration status of the agency.
  • An extraordinary revision of registration

In the latter case the agency is invited to make representation before a final decision is made. The final decision is then communicated to the agency, the complainant and published.

The Complaints Policy only relates to third-party concerns about a registered agency. In case of concerns about the professional conduct of EQAR and its representatives please refer to the Code of Conduct. If you are a quality assurance agency and have a concern regarding the decision on your application please refer to the information on appeals.

To lodge a complaints please fill in our online form.