Withdrawn applications

An application may be withdrawn before or after a deferral decision.

Following EQAR’s Procedures for Applications (see §5.2) as of June 2022, if an application is withdrawn after a decision of deferral (that is after the agency is invited to make additional representation), the decision will be published informatively. Quality assurance agencies that have withdrawn their application before the consideration of Register Committee do not have a decision.

Deferral decisions where the quality assurance agency was invited to provide additional representation:

The list below includes all withdrawn applications:

Date applied Agency Type Coordinator
Dec 2022 ANVUR Initial ENQA
Jan 2022 ARQA Initial ENQA
Dec 2021 NAA Initial ENQA
Oct 2019 HAHE Initial ENQA
May 2019 ECBE Initial ENQA
Apr 2019 NEAQA Initial ENQA
Sep 2018 KAA Initial ENQA
Mar 2017 RCVS Initial ENQA
Jun 2016 HEA Initial ENQA
Mar 2016 AHERS Initial ENQA