FIBAA - Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation

Internationale Agentur zur Qualitätssicherung im Hochschulbereich

Information on the agency's work

FIBAA is a nationally as well as internationally experienced non-profit agency for quality assurance.  

FIBAA is accredited by the German Accreditation Council since 2000 (re-accreditation in 2005, 2007, 2012, 2017 and 2022, respectively for 5 years). FIBAA is also recognised by the Swiss Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research (EAER), the Nederlands Vlaamse Accreditatie Organisatie (NVAO), the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan and the Austrian Federal Ministry for Science and Research. 

The task of quality assurance lies within the responsibility of higher education institutions. FIBAA supports them in achieving their self-defined objectives. It offers impulses for further quality development. It promotes quality and transparency in academic education by assessing Higher Education Institutions.

FIBAA bases its work on national and international requirements and standards as well as pays special attention to internationalisation, practical relevance and employability. 

​In the field of accreditation and certification at programme level, FIBAA operates in higher education institutions with a focus on programmes in Economics, Social Sciences and Law.​

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