Connect to API

DEQAR provides an Application Programming Interface (API) that allows you to feed data directly into your local application or system, use the API as a back-end to your website or to feed data into your research or data analytics software. Using the API is a good option if you would like to have continuous access to live DEQAR data and are able to use a REST API.

The Web API allows you to query information on higher education institutions, QA reports, countries and EQAR-registered QA agencies live, and to use/embed this data in your own application. DEQAR data is public and freely accessible for anybody free of charge.

The structure and semantics of the Web API reflects the main entities of the DEQAR data model and mirror closely the information and how it is presented on the website. It contains information on:

  • higher education institutions and associated external quality assurance reports (Database on the EQAR website),
  • countries and their external quality assurance requirements (Country information on the EQAR website),
  • EQAR-registered agencies and their work (Register on the EQAR website).

The Web API is designed as a REST API, providing a convenient way for software developers to communicate via HTTP, the protocol used by the internet. All data are provided in JSON format as a flexible means of exchanging data between systems.

To avoid excessive resource consumption and to maintain an overview how DEQAR data are used, access to the Web API is given to registered users. To obtain login details, please send us an email to and briefly indicate how you plan to use DEQAR data. Access is free of charge, but EQAR reserves the right publish a list of registered users for transparency reasons.

To get started with the Web API, please refer to the following:
DEQAR documentation: general description and overview of endpoints
Detailed documentation of all endpoints (OpenAPI Specification 3.0)

Possible use cases:

  • As a recognition office or information centre (ENIC-NARIC) you may embed a search into your workflow to verify accreditation/evaluation status of an institution.
  • As an information platform you may fetch quality assurance information on the countries or higher education institutions you cover directly from DEQAR.
  • As a quality assurance agency you may display your own reports directly from DEQAR on your own website.
  • As a higher education institution you may list reports on your institutions or its programmes directly from DEQAR.
  • As a national organisation you may offer a list or search of quality assured institutions in your country.

DEQAR data are available under the under the Open Data Commons Public Domain Dedication and Licence (PDDL), but we kindly ask you to respect the Open Data Commons Community Norms: if you use or republish DEQAR data in your work, we encourage you to give credit to EQAR and to let us know. We likewise ask that you please consider making any work based on DEQAR data available under the same terms. For more information, see our Terms and Conditions.

See also

In addition to the Web API, the Submission API is restricted to EQAR-registered QA agencies for uploading and managing their external QA reports. Further details are available as part of the DEQAR documentation. If you are a newly registered QA agency, please read our Quick Start Guide.

Another method for using data from DEQAR is to download a full data dump of the data currently in DEQAR, see Download data.