IAAR - Independent Agency for Accreditation and Rating

Независимое агентство аккредитации и рейтинга

Information on the agency's work

IAAR is an accreditation body established to create a competitive environment in the system of independent evaluation of the quality of education on national and international levels by conducting the procedures of accreditation. According to the Decree № 304 of the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan from June 27, 2012 IAAR was included into the National Register of Accreditation Bodies of the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan.

Activities within the scope of ESG

  • Accreditation of Programmes in Management Studies, Economics, Law and Social Science (with FIBAA)
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  • Cross-Border Accreditation of Basic Medical and Pharmaceutical Education
    View 39 reports
  • Cross-Border Accreditation of Medical Institutions of Education
    View 21 reports
  • Cross-Border Initial Programme Accreditation
    View 20 reports
  • Cross-Border Institutional Accreditation
    View 10 reports
  • Cross-Border Programme Accreditation
    View 80 reports
  • Initial institutional accreditation (ex-ante)
    View 2 reports
  • Initial specialised programme accreditation (Ex-ante)
    View 421 reports
  • Institutional accreditation of educational institutions
    View 64 reports
  • Institutional Accreditation of the Organisation of Continuing Education
    View 9 reports
  • Joint International Accreditation of Educational Programmes (with ACQUIN)
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  • Specialised Programme Accreditation (including ex-ante)
  • Specialised Programme Accreditation of Medical Educational Organisations
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  • Specialised programmes accreditation
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Higher education systems where IAAR carried out external QA activities

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