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We invite researchers and others who would like to work independently with DEQAR data to use our data sets currently available in the system.

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you can download a full dump of the data currently in DEQAR to use for analysis and research.

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The data sets – structured data on reports, institutions, agencies and countries – are provided in CSV format, which can easily be opened and manipulated:

Service notice: The technical difficulties experienced were resolved. CSV files have again been updated daily since 29 April 2021.

  • QA Reports – download full data set
    Download records on all reports that are currently available in DEQAR, including those that are no longer valid. Report entries are listed by country and name of higher education institution. Links back to original report PDF files are also provided.
    DEQAR Documentation: data submission data elements
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  • Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) – download full data set
    Download the complete DEQAR HEI list, including those that do not yet have reports in DEQAR. The entries comprise basic identifying data on each institution. The list is based on a core set of records exported from ETER/OrgReg with additional HEI entries input by EQAR registered agencies. The list is intended to give comprehensive coverage of tertiary education in the EHEA.
    DEQAR Documentation: institution data elements
  • EQAR Registered Agencies – download full data set
    Download the complete list of EQAR registered agencies, including those that are no longer on the register. Entries include basic information on the agency as well as type and geographical coverage of activities and the history of the agency on the EQAR register. Links back to EQAR decision PDF files are also provided.
  • EHEA Country Information – download full data set
    Download a list of EHEA countries. Entries include details of the national external QA requirements, the position on cross-border QA and the status of the European Approach to joint programmes in the country as well as links to further information.

The data for download are refreshed every night. The downloaded sheets are available in a CSV file which can easily be opened and manipulated using any spreadsheet software (e.g. Microsoft Excel, LibreOffice, Apple Numbers) or data analysis suite. The file includes structured data on reports, institutions, agencies and countries.

The use of DEQAR data

as done by the University of Ghent, in Pan-European comparative studies:

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The University of Ghent – the Centre for Higher Education Governance Ghent (CHEGG) prepared two pilot pan-European comparative studies into how higher education institutions respond to the needs of students and society, based on thousands of external quality assurance reports being available in our DEQAR.

  • For the first pilot study, published in April 2019, Jeroen Huisman and Maria Manatos analysed institutional QA review reports “The translation of the ESG in institutional QA reports”. This study was subsequently published in the journal “Quality of Higher Education: under the title “The use of the European Standards and Guidelines by national accreditation agencies and local review panels” .
  • For the second pilot study, published in October 2019, they analysed programme QA accreditation “The translation of the ESG in programme QA reports

Read more and download the two pilot studies here

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Another method for extracting data from DEQAR is to get a data feed from the Web API, see DEQAR API.

Please note that while DEQAR data are public and freely accessible for anybody free of charge, the information is available under the Open Data Commons Public Domain Dedication and Licence (PDDL). We therefore kindly ask you to respect the Open Data Commons Community Norms: if you use or republish DEQAR data in your work, we encourage you to give credit to EQAR and to let us know. We likewise ask that you please consider making any work based on DEQAR data available under the same terms. For more information, see our Terms and Conditions.