Cross-border external QA activities

Stats on cross-border QA

The analysis on this page reflects the data as of May 2022. Charts are automatically updated following the reports uploaded to DEQAR on a continuous basis.

EHEA member countries

  • 41 of the 47 members countries with rights of representation within EHEA, had experienced a review by a non-national EQAR-listed agency (in DEQAR).
  • Cross border QA activities within the EHEA mostly carried out within countries that have a legal framework recognising foreign EQAR-registered agencies.
  • Cross-border QA procedures however less commonly employed as part of the mandatory EQA system (only in 24% of cases).

EQAR-registered QA agencies

  • Two thirds of DEQAR contributing agencies have carried out at least one cross-border external QA procedure.
  • Aprox. half of EQAR-registered agencies carry out cross-border external QA on a regular basis.

Higher education institutions

  • 16% of higher education institutions in DEQAR had at least one cross-border QA procedure at programme or institutional level.
  • The share of procedures that result in a negative decision is similar for cross-border QA and for non-cross-border QA.
  • 3% of total external QA procedures at programme level are cross-border while the share of cross-border external QA procedures at institutional level represent 10% of total institutional procedures.