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  • Governmental membership
    Belarus is not a Governmental Member of EQAR.

    Map: EHEA countries by governmental membership

  • General information on higher education

    Following the role of Belarus in the Russia Federation's unacceptable and unjustifiable attack on Ukraine, EQAR decided not to maintain or initiate any contact or collaboration with any central government agency of Belarus for the time of the invasion. As a result, EQAR currently does not maintain the country profile of Belarus.

    The Bologna Follow-Up Group (BFUG) condemned the Russian Federation's invasion of Ukraine as fundamental violation of the values, principles and goals of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), and of the obligations and commitments undertaken since joining the EHEA. As a result of Belarus' role in the war, the BFUG suspended Belarus' representation in all structures and activities of the EHEA.

    EQAR’s work to further the EHEA is based on the same principles of pursuit of peace, rule of law and democracy. EQAR therefore supported the BFUG decision.

  • National external quality assurance requirements

    External quality assurance of higher education institutions in Belarus
    is handled by the Education Quality Assurance Department under the
    Ministry of Education.

    Higher education institutions have to go through a state licensing (the right to offer educational activities at a certain level) and a state accreditation (checking the compliance with quality requirements and standards of the institution and programmes) once in 5 year.

    The Education Quality Assurance Department issues an opinion regarding licensing and accreditation, which is then approved by the Board of the Ministry of Education (see bellow the Regulation on the procedure for state accreditation of educational institutions of the Republic of Belarus, 2011).

  • EHEA key commitment

    Not aligned to the ESG

    A quality assurance system is in operation nationwide, but has not (yet) been fully aligned to the ESG

  • Cross-border quality assurance

    Not recognising foreign agencies as part of the national external QA requirements

  • European Approach for Quality Assurance of Joint Programmes

    European Approach not available to higher education institutions

Registered agencies operating in Belarus