Targeted Review

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EQAR, in collaboration with ENQA, developed a proposal for a Targeted Review.

Click here to download the full proposal (PDF)

The ins and outs of the Targeted Review (TR):

What is a Targeted Review?

A special review for agencies that have been EQAR-registered for at least 10 consecutive years, focusing not only on those parts that require attention, but also containing an enhancement element.

More about what the targeted review would specifically address in chapter 2.2. of the full proposal.

Why did we think it necessary?

To prevent possible “evaluation fatigue” and the risk that the quality assurance process becomes more of a bureaucratic exercise than something meaningful. (As indicated both in ENQA’s external assessment of its review methodologies  in 2019 and by survey respondents in EQAR’s self-evaluation at the end of 2020.)

How does it work?

The targeted review will focus on standards that were partially compliant during the last review(s) and on standards that could have been affected by recent substantive changes such as the launch of new activities. The TR will also contain an enhancement element; the agency will be expected to reflect on its consideration of internal quality assurance (ESG 2.1) and at least on one other area that is relevant to their own HE system.

More about the enhancement component in chapter 2.4 of the full proposal.

Who can opt for a Targeted Review?

EQAR-registered agencies that have been registered for at least 10 consecutive years (and have undergone at least two external reviews against the ESG that have led to registration/renewal of registration) when the review takes place and that have duly reported all their substantive changes.

After five years, such a Targeted Review would then be followed again by a full/complete review.

What say the governments?

EQAR members (both governmental members and stakeholders) gave positive feedback and were appreciative of the enhancement-led aspect. They underlined that all ESG standards will remain binding for all agencies at all times.

When will it be launched?

We are hoping that the first targeted reviews under the new approach could be launched starting from July 2021.