Joint programmes that used the European Approach

The following list includes examples where the European Approach for Quality Assurance of Joint Programmes was used in practice to evaluate or accredit a joint programme.

The list is based on information that EQAR received from registered quality assurance agencies. This page aims to be a useful reference for other higher education institutions and quality assurance agencies that plan to employ the European Approach. If you consider that any case is missing or incorrect, please contact us.

European Master in Migration and Intercultural Relations (EMMIR)

International Teacher Education in Primary Schools (ITEps)

EuroPS - Joint Master's Programme in Political Science - Integration and Governance (PoSIG)

Joint Master Maritime Operations

Erasmus Mundus Master of Science in Public Sector Innovation and eGovernance (PIONEER)

European Master in Law and Economics (EMLE)

International Joint Master of Research in Work and Organizational Psychology

Master of Science in European Forestry