Decisions of the EQAR Register Committee

This page contains the decisions of the EQAR Register Committee on applications for inclusion on the Register, for renewal of registration (§3.8 of the Procedures) and on registered agencies (§7.4).

The publication of full decisions was introduced in January 2013. Decisions from 2012 and earlier were made available to the agencies concerned, and it is at the agencies’ own discretion whether or not to make them publicly available. For those, you will find below the external review report on which the Register Committee’s decision was based.

Breakdown of the number of applictions since 2008

Since the Register started its work in 2008, the Register Committee considered 143 applications (on average 11 applications per year).
Of these 143 applications:

  • 118 were approved, of which:
    – 61 applications for initial inclusion (of which 11 are no longer registered)
    – 57 renewal applications
  • 25 were unsuccessful

Use and Interpretation of the ESG

The policy on the Use and Interpretation of the ESG for the European Register of Quality Assurance Agency aims to:

  • increase the transparency of the Register Committee’s interpretation of the ESG;
  • ensure consistency in the Register Committee’s decisions;
  • facilitate the understanding of the Register Committee’s decisions;
  • inform quality assurance agencies, external review coordinators and external review panels ex ante of the Register Committee’s interpretation of the ESG.

The policy is based on the 2015 version of the European Standards and Guidelines (ESG). It replaced a document summarising the Register Committee’s Practices and Interpretations made in 2013 using the 2005 version of the ESG. Versions of the Use and Interpretation policy were published in 2015, 2017 and 2020.

Agencies that were never registered

For technical reasons, decisions on quality assurance agencies that were never registered are listed separately:

Unsubstantiated Complaints

According to point 6.a of the process defined in the EQAR Complaints Policy, decisions on third-party complaints that were deemed unsubstantiated are published in anonymised form.

Agencies that are or were registered

The following list contains all decisions on quality assurance agencies that are or were registered on EQAR: