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  • Membership in EQAR
    Romania has been a Governmental Member of EQAR since March 2008.

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  • General information on higher education

    Higher education is offered by universities, academies, institutes and other higher studies schools that have provisional authorisation or accreditation.

    Higher education may be public or private and it is offered at 1st cycle (bachelor’s degree of 3 or 4 years for some programs, such as engineering), 2nd cycle, M.A.(master’s degree, 2 years) and 3rd cycle (PhD studies 3 years).

  • National external quality assurance requirements
    • Institutional evaluations/accreditation
      are valid for five years. During the evaluation procedure, about 20 per cent of the study programmes offered by the institution are also evaluated. Before initiating an institutional accreditation higher education institutions need to apply for provisional authorisation.

    • Evaluation of Master Study Domains
      The evaluation procedure is to be fully applied for the first time in 2018.

    • Programme evaluation/accreditations
      are valid for five years and must be renewed regularly. Programmes first need to receive a provisional accreditation that is granted by the Ministry for a period of two years and then apply for an accreditation.

  • Cross-border quality assurance

    In Romania higher education institutions may choose a suitable EQAR-registered agency.

    Romanian higher education institutions can choose for their programme accreditation and periodic external evaluations the national QA agency, ARACIS or any other EQAR listed agency.

    • Eligibility requirements for foreign agencies: Registration on EQAR is sufficient.

    • Conditions for the agencies’ work (e.g. criteria to be used): own criteria.

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  • European Approach for Quality Assurance of Joint Programmes

    In Romania the European Approach is not available to higher education institutions.

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  • Further information

Registered agencies operating in Romania