Two Agencies admitted to Register

Based on external reviews of the two agencies the Register Committee concluded that they operate in substantial compliance with the European Standards and Guidelines (ESG).

Having satisfied the requirements of the EQAR Merger Policy, the Flemish Council of Universities and University Colleges’ Quality Assurance Unit (VLUHR QAU), established as a result of a merger between the two quality assurance agencies VLIR and VLHORA (both admitted to the Register in 2009), was granted provisional registration. During the two-year period VLUHR QAU will have to undergo an external review against the ESG.


The EQAR Annual Report 2012 is available for download.

It includes the Report by the Register Committee, as well as the Strategic Plan 2013-2017 adopted by the last EQAR General Assembly. Please note that the Annual Report will be available on-line only this year.

Annual Report 2012