B&B College of Sustainable Development

B&B Visoka šola za trajnostni razvoj, samostojni visokošolski zavod

Basic information

  • Identifiers
    • DEQARINST2380
    • SI0074
    • SI-ETER.BAS.NATID: 17991
    • Erasmus: SI KRANJ06
  • Provider type
    higher education institution
  • Further location(s)
    Ljubljana, Slovenia
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  • QF-EHEA levels

National External Quality Assurance Requirements

  • Accreditation of a study programme
    is granted for an indefinite period or the application is denied.
  • Re-accreditation of a higher education institution
    is granted for a period of maximum five years (or less) or, if quality standards are not meet the accreditation is denied.
  • Initial accreditation of a higher education institutions
    is granted for a period of five years or, if quality standards are not meet, the application is denied.
  • Accreditation of changes of higher education institutions
    Changes to another type, merger by acquisition, merger by the formation of a new entity or division of higher education institutions, changing the location in Slovenia
  • Further information on external quality assurance in Slovenia

External Quality Assurance Reports and Decisions

Institutional level

This report is not currently valid but part of the historic record.
Part of the obligatory external QA system Decision: positive
Institutional re-accreditation

Programme level

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