Enhancing the Coverage and Connectivity of QA in the EHEA through DEQAR (DEQAR CONNECT)

  • Aims:
    1) Expand coverage to EHEA countries currently under-represented in DEQAR, by supporting the participation of agencies that could not join DEQAR in the first stage.
    2) Enhance connectivity by exploiting existing synergies and exploring new opportunities to use DEQAR data directly in the recognition workflow, digital credentialing and elsewhere.
  • Duration: 2020-2022.
  • Funding: EU co-funding under the Erasmus PLUS call to support the implementation of European Higher Education Area (EHEA) reforms.
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Database of External Quality Assurance Results (DEQAR)

  • Aim: the development of a database that will enhance access to reports and decisions on higher education institutions/programmes externally reviewed against the ESG, by an EQAR-registered agency.
  • Duration: 2017-2019.
  • Funding: EU co-funding under Erasmus+ Key Action 3 – European Forward-Looking Cooperation Projects.
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Enhancing Quality through Innovative Policy & Practice (EQUIP)

  • Aim: enhancing quality in European higher education by supporting and promoting a consistent, efficient and innovative embedding of the ESG at grass-root level.
  • Duration: 2015 – 2018.
  • Funding: EU co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.
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Recognising International Quality Assurance Activity in the European Higher Education Area (RIQAA)

  • Aim: to provide stakeholders and policy makers with information regarding the existing legal practices in EHEA countries recognising EQAR-registered agencies.
  • Duration: 2013-2014.
  • Funding: the project was co-financed with help from the European Commission’s Lifelong Learning Programme.
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