Fjellhaug International University College

Fjellhaug Internasjonale Høgskole

Basic information

National External Quality Assurance Requirements

  • Denmark
    • Institutional accreditation
      involves an assessment of the institution’s overall quality assurance system (every six year in case of a positive accreditation)
    • Programme accreditation
      until the higher education institution has achieved institutional accreditation
    • Further information on external quality assurance in Denmark
  • Norway
    • Initial institutional accreditation
      gives universities and colleges certain rights to award national degrees or diplomas.
    • Programme accreditation
      required for non-accredited university colleges on all levels and for university colleges or specialised university institutions that wish to establish a new doctoral or master programme outside their doctoral fields.
    • Audit
      carried out at least once in 8 years. The right to self-accredit programmes is conditional upon a positive evaluation of the higher education institution's internal QA system (audit).
    • Further information on external quality assurance in Norway

External Quality Assurance Reports and Decisions

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