International Space University

Basic information

  • Identifiers
    • DEQARINST7247
    • FR0868
    • WHED: IAU-009577
  • Provider type
    higher education institution
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  • Founding year
  • QF-EHEA levels

National External Quality Assurance Requirements

  • Evaluations of higher education institutions
    are carried out every 5 years.
  • Review of disciplinary ‘fields’
    are carried out every 5 years.
  • Evaluation of sites using a ‘top-down approach’
    newly introduced in 2017.
  • Evaluation of doctoral schools
    are carried out every 5 years.
  • Further information on external quality assurance in France

External Quality Assurance Reports and Decisions

Institutional level

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Programme level

Decision: positive
Space Studies (second cycle degree)
  • Qualification/award
    • Master of Science
  • Level
    second cycle
  • Programme type
    Full recognised degree programme