Edward Bernays University College

Edward Bernays Visoka škola za komunikacijski i turistički menadžment, Zagreb

Basic information

  • Identifiers
    DEQARINST1299 HR0038
  • Location(s)
    Zagreb, Croatia
  • Website
  • Founding year
  • QF-EHEA levels
    first cycle, second cycle
  • Previous names
    • Edward Bernays College of Communication Management (Edward Bernays Visoka škola za komunikacijski menadžment, Zagreb) until 30/06/2017
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National External Quality Assurance Requirements

  • Accreditation of higher education institutions and programmes
    in all three cycles (every five years).
  • Audit of higher education institutions.
    assessment of the quality assurance system of a higher education institution or a faculty (legal changes are envisaged to make audit a voluntary activity).
  • Initial accreditation
    all new higher education institutions (public and private) and all new study programmes of private universities, polytechnics and colleges. Public universities do not undergo an initial accreditation.
  • Re-accreditation of doctoral study programmes
    carried out as a cluster evaluation of the third cycle.
  • Further information on external quality assurance in Croatia

External Quality Assurance Reports and Decisions

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Programme level

Part of the obligatory external QA system Decision: positive
Tourist Destination Management and Marketing, first cycle
  • Qualification
    • Stručni prvostupnik
  • Level
    first cycle (NQF level 6)
Part of the obligatory external QA system Decision: positive
Experience Management in Tourism, second cycle
  • Qualification
    • Stručni specijalist
  • Level
    second cycle (NQF level 7)