SAAHE - Slovak Accreditation Agency for Higher Education

Slovenská akreditačná agentúra pre vysoké školstvo

Information on the agency's work

SAAHE was established as an independent legal body by the Quality Assurance Act in November 2018. The main objective of this legal change in Slovakia was the adoption of quality assurance framework in higher education, fully consistent with the European principles governing this area in Europe.

The remit of SAAHE and its structure are already determined by the Quality Assurance Act which identifies the agency’s internal bodies and defines their rights, duties, and basic links. One of the initial steps of SAAHE which resulted from the Quality Assurance Act, was the preparation and publication of the Standards for the Internal System, the Standards for Study Programme, and the Methodology for their Evaluation. These documents, together with the Quality Assurance Act form the basic legal framework of SAAHE operation.

Activities within the scope of ESG

Higher education systems where SAAHE carried out external QA activities

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