THEQC - Turkish Higher Education Quality Council

Yükseköğretim Kalite Kurulu

Information on the agency's work

Turkish Higher Education Quality Council (THEQC) was initially founded in 2015 as the "Turkish Higher Education Quality Board" based on the "Higher Education Quality Assurance Regulation". THEQC was reorganized and renamed by the law in 2017.

THEQC has gained administrative and financial independence and became the only national authority in charge of QA in the Turkish higher education system. THEQC’s mission is to strengthen QA systems in higher education in order to contribute to the continuous enhancement of higher education institutions (HEIs) in Turkey and thus, the achievement of universal qualifications by individuals.

Besides, THEQC's vision is to be an effective and internationally recognized institution in the higher education quality assurance field. THEQC's main responsibilities are to perform the external evaluation of HEIs, coordinate the authorization and recognition processes of accreditation agencies, and ensure the internalization and dissemination of QA culture in HEIs.

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