IQAA - Independent Agency for Quality Assurance in Education

Білім сапасын қамтамасыздандыру бойынша тәуелсіз агенттігі

Независимое агентство по обеспечению качества в образовании

Information on the agency's work

IQAA is a non-governmental and non-profit organization created for the enhancement of the quality of education and competitiveness of educational institutions; provision of information about institutions to all stakeholders in Kazakhstan and abroad. The mission of the Agency is to assist in the improvement of the quality of education in educational institutions and the enhancement of their competitiveness at national and international levels.

Activities within the scope of ESG

  • Institutional accreditation of higher education institutions
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  • Institutional accreditation of research institutes
  • Programme accreditation of study programmes in higher education
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  • Programme accreditation of study programmes in research institutes

Higher education systems where IQAA carried out external QA activities

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