AQ Austria - Agency for Quality Assurance and Accreditation Austria

Agentur für Qualitätssicherung und Akkreditierung Austria

Information on the agency's work

AQ Austria is the national Quality Assurance Agency of Austria, founded in 2012 as a merger of three predecessor agencies. AQ Austria is independend and provides quality assurance service on a broad range with the aim to support the HEIs to enhance the quality of their provision. The agency as such, its bodies and staff has an international profile.

Activities within the scope of ESG

  • Accreditation of private universities in Austria
  • Accreditation of programmes at private universities in Austria
  • Accreditation of programmes at universities of applied sciences in Austria
  • Accreditation of universities of applied sciences
  • Audit of internal quality management systems at Austrian public universities and universities of applied sciences
  • European Approach for QA of Joint Programmes
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  • Evaluation of programmes at higher education institutions
  • International Accreditation
  • Joint programme accreditation
  • Archived entry - activity that was carried out in the past Notification of foreign degree programmes in Austria
  • Programme Accreditation at German higher education institutions
  • System accreditation of German higher education institutions
  • Voluntary accreditation of continuing education programmes at higher education institutions in Austria,

Higher education systems where AQ Austria carried out external QA activities

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