Register Committee decisions

At the latest Register Committee (RC) meeting, which took place online on 12-13 October, the Register Committee approved the following applications for inclusion/renewal of registration on the Register:

This was the initiatory meeting for Sandra Bezjak, Inga Lapina and Lewis Purser as RC members. Their nominations were approved by the General Assembly on 10 May 2023, with their mandate starting on 1 July 2023. Another first was for our President, Stéphane Lauwick, in chairing the RC meeting for the first time.

The Register Committee also discussed the EQAR strategy and considered some updates to its Use and Interpretation of the ESG and the proposed online consultation thereof.

All decisions of the RC are published on our website under “register/decisions “. Furthermore, we also have an overview of RC decisions and the compliance of ESG standards with various search options, called the “Database of Precedents”. Additionally, we have key statistics on our page with interactive charts on the application process and ESG compliance.

It has been an exceptionally busy year for the RC; this was the third meeting of 2023 and a fourth Register Committee meeting will take place in Paris on 11-12 December.