DEQAR Masterclass

24 September 2021, 12:00-16:30 CET, Zoom

EQAR presented the newest additions to the Database of External Quality Assurance Results (DEQAR), the updates of the data model and the improved API requirements. Different sessions were organised for agencies with a DEQAR API connection and agencies that had not yet established a connection to DEQAR.

Technical staff and IT subcontractors of registered QA agencies


Group 2 (Agencies building API connection to DEQAR)

12:00 Tour de table and state of art in relation to the DEQAR connection per agency
12:10 DEQAR Status Quo
12:20 Modes of upload in DEQAR

Data model and requirements

  • Required and optional fields
  • Common dilemmas and pitfalls
  • Creating API connection to DEQAR
13:00 Coffee break
13:10 NCEQE system showcase
13:30 Q&A Session 

Group 1 (Agencies with API connection to DEQAR)


14:00 Welcome by EQAR
14:20 Debriefing round

  • QAAs share experiences with the API: what worked well & what could work better for them
  • Common pitfalls from EQAR’s perspective

Recent changes in DEQAR and the APIs

  • Institutions: differentiation between legal seat and further locations (e.g. branch campuses)
  • Reports: additional contributing agencies
  • Reports: summary field
  • Interfaces with Europass & EBSI for digital credentials
15:30 Coffee break

Future changes envisaged (Submission API v2)

  • Excluding all institution data fields from reports
  • Changing reports: what can be changed and for how long
  • Validity date changes
  • Relating reports to other reports
  • Alternative provider (e.g. micro-credentials)



One of the new features in DEQAR, presented during the DEQAR Masterclass.