From Data to Policy - Linking Quality Assurance and Recognition

Conference for the Bologna working structures on QA and recognition

6/7 December 2021, online


6 December 2021


14:00 Welcome and opening

  • Karl Dittrich, EQAR President
14:15 Key results of DEQAR CONNECT

Introduction by EQAR team, project partners & experts

very broad, “birds eye” overview of what has been done, the details on various strands should come back in the thematic sessions

14:30 Session 1: Integrating DEQAR in Automatic Recognition
short presentation of 1 or 2 pilots, followed by discussion

Possible speakers:

  • CIMEA (Chiara)
  • Nuffic
  • Slovenia
  • respondents:
    • ESU
    • Thomas Blanc de la Carrere (Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences)
15:30 Break
16:00 Session 2: Informing Policy-Making through DEQAR

Presentation of Policy Briefs and findings in greater detail, followed by discussion.

Possible moderator: ETER (Benedetto)

Possible speakers:

  • Melinda & Sandra – DEQAR CONNECT policy briefs


  • David Crosier
  • Liesbeth or Magalie (TPG Chair)
17:00 Session 3: Using DEQAR for Research and Analysis

Three short presentations (research papers/posters) followed by discussion.

Possible moderator: Jens Jungblut (b’kup: Beate)

Possible speakers:

  • Nathan Carvalho et al.
  • Pegi Pavletić et al.
  • Giorgi Munjishvili et al.
18:00 Programme ends for the day

7 December 2021

10:00 Session 4: Keeping DEQAR Linked Up and Future-Proof

Moderator: Anthony


  • University from EBSI EA Wave: URV – Lluís
  • University in EDCI (e.g. Split)
  • Maria Kelo – ENQA – on QA of MC
  • short presentation on MC DEQAR?
11:15 Break
11:45 Closing panel

  • Which are the main takeaways for EHEA and EU policy in higher education?
  • What steps are needed to make international cooperation & automatic recognition a reality?
  • How can the European QA framework & DEQAR maximise their potential?

Moderator: Karl Dittrich (EQAR President)


  • EU Presidency representative
  • EUA: Amanda or Elena
  • EURASHE: John?
  • Co-chair TPG B (Chiara)
  • Co-chair TPG C (Magalie)
  • European Commission
13:00 Closing words
13:15 Programme ends


Speakers/projects we should invite to have a booth:

  1. CIMEA – DiploMe
  2. EBSI – Digital Credentials
  3. Anthony/Ildiko + Uni Split – link of DEQAR and European Digital Credentials
  4. Slovenia – integration of DEQAR
  5. ETER – potential of linked data & new composite indicators
  6. Poster Nathan Carvalho et al.
  7. Poster Pegi Pavletić et al.
  8. Poster Giorgi Munjishvili et al