Slovenian Quality Assurance Agency

NAKVIS - Nacionalna agencija Republike Slovenije za kakovost v visokem šolstvu

  • Admission valid until
    31/10/2018 (listed since 23/10/2013)
  • Registration note

    Original registration validity until: 2018-07-31

    The registration of SQAA was provisionally extended pursuant to §4.4 of the EQAR Procedures for Applications, allowing the agency an extension of three months to the date of expiry of inclusion in order to submit the documentation of its external review. Following receipt of these documents the agency's registration shall remain valid until the Register Committee has taken a decision on the application.

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  • HE systems where agency conducted reviews**
  • Reports by the agency
  • External review reports and EQAR decisions

Information on the agency's work

SQAA was established in 2010 from the previous state council as an independent non-governmental budget user and a public authorisation holder. Its goal is to professionalise transparent quality evaluation procedures according to the HE Law and the predetermined criteria and to include all stakeholders of HE area in the decision-making process. It is accountable to the public and it observes strictly the principle of impartiality. SQAA is active in the area of university education and higher vocational education covering all higher-education institutions, both state and private, in Slovenia together with study programmes at all three Bologna levels and LLL. Other activities cover training of SQAA experts, setting standards for habilitation of HE teachers, researchers and assistants as well as transnational higher education.

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Activities within the scope of ESG

  • Accreditation of external evaluations
    QA results in DEQAR
  • Accreditation of new study programmes
    QA results in DEQAR
  • Evaluation of transnational higher education/cross-border education
    QA results in DEQAR
  • External evaluation and extraordinary evaluation of higher education institutions
    QA results in DEQAR
  • External evaluation and extraordinary evaluation of study programmes
    QA results in DEQAR
  • Initial accreditation and re-accreditation of higher education institutions
    QA results in DEQAR
  • Notifications of internationally accredited joint study programmes and notification of study programmes of the international association of universities EMUNI
    QA results in DEQAR