European Quality Assurance Register for Higher Education

Application to the European register of QA agencies

Important information note for applicants: Applications for inclusion or renewal of inclusion on the Register can be made based on the revised ESG. Applications will be considered by the Register Committee at their meeting in June 2017.

To prepare an application to the Register of quality assurance agencies please consult the following:

Criteria for Inclusion. To be included on the Register, applicants need to demonstrate that they operate in substantial compliance with the European Standards and Guidelines.

Guide for Applicants and Registered Agencies. The Guide serves as an explanation of EQAR’s official documents and procedures, gathering all relevant information for applicants in one place.

  • Annex 1. Procedures for Applications
  • Annex 2. Use and interpretation of the ESG for the European register of quality assurance agencies

Application forms and documents. Here you can find the application instructions and supporting forms to submit your application. 

A checklist for QAAs, Coordinators and Review Panels. The checklist is developed to ensure that all important steps for preparing and carrying out a review with the purpose of an application for registration or renewal of registration on EQAR have been met.

Application steps

The application process includes the following steps:

Verification of eligibility

Agencies applying for inclusion on the Register (or renewal of registration) need to undergo an eligibility check before initiating their external review. The eligibility requirements cover two main dimensions: the external quality assurance activities of the applicant and the external review process.

External review of the applicant

The external reviews of applicant agencies are organised by third parties. As these are not under EQAR’s direct supervision, they must adhere to some important requirements, which are explained under this heading.

Submission of the review report (and deadlines)

While the first step of the application process (eligibility verification) can be initiated at any moment, the external review report must be submitted by specific deadlines.

Consideration and decision by the Register Committee

The criterion for inclusion on the Register is substantial compliance with the ESG. The Register Committee makes a holistic judgement on the agency's compliance with the ESG as a whole, based on the external review panel's findings, analyses of and conclusions on the agency's compliance with the relevant standards.

Appeals Procedure

Applicants may appeal decisions of the Register Committee on procedural grounds or in case of perversity of judgement.The applicant can appeal the rejection within 90 days of being notified of the rejection of an application.

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