University of Malta

University of Malta (L'Universita` ta` Malta)

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National External Quality Assurance Requirements

  • Institutional audit
    All institutions, including self-accrediting ones, have to be reviewed and audited periodically by NCFHE as part of the External Quality Assurance process as defined by NCFHE.
  • Programme accreditation
    Education institutions (whether national, international, public or private) must have their programme audits approved by the National Commission for Further and Higher Education (NCFHE). Locally accredited courses currently do not have an accreditation expiry date. By exception, public institutions that have a 'self-accrediting status' established by NCFHE do not need to submit programmes for accreditation if these fall within the scope of the Malta Qualification Framework (MQF) level of their self-accrediting status. They would need to do so if they intend to provide programmes that exceed the MQF level of their self-accrediting status.
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External Quality Assurance Reports and Decisions

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Decision: positive Joint programme
International Humanitarian Action (NOHA+), second cycle
Decision: positive
Lawrija ta’ tabib tal-Medicina u l-Kirurgija, second cycle
  • Other names
    • Doctor of Medicine and Surgery
  • Qualification
    • Medical Doctor
  • Level
    second cycle