European Quality Assurance Register for Higher Education

Self-Evaluation Report 2016

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EQAR's Strategic Plan 2013-2017 included the commitment to undertake a comprehensive self-evaluation exercise in 2015/16, involving all bodies of EQAR, in order to assess progress made and to consider a revised Strategic Plan in 2017.

The self-evaluation exercise consisted of a self-reflection of the organisation as to how it has performed with a view to its mission and how it would improve. The specific objectives of the 2015/16 self-evaluation exercise were:

  • To take stock of how recommendations of the 2011 external evaluation of EQAR were implemented;
  • To feed into the revision of the Strategic Plan;
  • To demonstrate accountability to its members and stakeholders.

The self-evaluation therefore focussed on the following key question

  • Are EQAR’s mission and objectives still relevant? What are the expectations of governments and stakeholders? Is the singularity of EQAR's mission clear?
  • Are EQAR's activities fit for purpose with regard to its mission and objectives? How does EQAR know, what impact did they have?
  • How did EQAR perform against the indicators for success defined in our Strategic Plan 2013-2017?

The self-evaluation process was coordinated by a selfevaluation group (SEG) which included representatives of EQAR's main bodies and stakeholders. Next to an analysis of existing documents (published by EQAR or other organisations) the SEG gathered data through a number of surveys and events, see section 1.3 of the report for details.

Read the Self-Evaluation Report [PDF, 2MB]