Eltjo Bazen

Chief Product Owner Quality Assurance at HU UAS Utrecht (University of Applied Sciences)

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Eltjo Bazen is a member of the Register Committee and has been working in quality assurance of higher education since 2011, active in both internal and external quality assurance and at both programme and institutional level and in execution and system development.

He currently works as Chief Product Owner Quality Assurance at HU UAS Utrecht (NL). Eltjo is active in several Dutch and European networks concerning quality and quality assurance in professional higher education. He has been trained and is active in several auditing roles, such as a chair of internal auditing panels at HU UAS Utrecht, member of institutional audit panels abroad and as assessor in EFQM. Though he loves innovative ideas and experimenting, his firm belief is that the best way to improve is openness and the willingness to learn from each other, whether it be on programme, institutional or system level.


Eltjo has degrees in Philosophy, Business Management and Professional Sailing. His activities in quality assurance are a perfect combination of his love for education and the fields of philosophy and business management. Sailing has been diverted to his free time.

Goran Dakovic

Head of Agency Reviews at the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA)

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Goran Dakovic is Head of Agency Reviews at the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA), where he oversees the external reviews of quality assurance agencies against the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG). Prior to this position, he worked as a Reviews Manager at ENQA, and as a Policy & Project Officer for the Institutional Development Unit at the European University Association (EUA), where he focused on areas such as quality assurance, learning & teaching and recognition of qualifications and of prior learning. During his work at EUA, Goran was also involved with the Institutional Evaluation Programme (IEP), where he worked mostly on system reviews of higher education sectors.

Before joining ENQA and EUA, Goran held the position of Head of Research Unit at the International School for Social and Business Studies in Slovenia. He has also served as an external assessor of applications for the “HR Excellence in Research Award” since 2015. Goran holds a master’s degree in Public Policies from the University of Twente in the Netherlands.

Vanessa Debiais-Sainton

Head of the Unit, European Commission

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Vanessa Debiais-Sainton is Head of the Unit in charge of Higher Education policies and programme at the European Commission’s Directorate General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture. The unit is the lead service for European policies on reform and modernisation of higher education, the new European Universities initiative, automatic mutual recognition of higher education qualifications, the creation of the EU student card, and the higher education strand of Erasmus+. In previous posts in the European Commission, Vanessa has worked in DG Research and Innovation. Before moving to the European Commission in 2006, Vanessa spent eight years working for several petroleum and chemical companies.

Fernando Galán Miguel Palomares

ARQUS, Consortium Manager

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Fernando Galán is the Consortium Manager of the Arqus European University Alliance and has over 10 years’ experience working on European higher education policies.

Before joining Arqus, Fernando was head of international engagement at Crue Universidades Españolas, the Spanish rectors’ conference. He has also worked as policy and project officer at EURASHE, and as President of the European Students’ Union (ESU), being responsible for the coordination of its policy work. In these roles, he has contributed to relevant policy documents and initiatives in the field of higher education.

Fernando has been a member of the BFUG board and of different expert groups of the European Union, the Council of Europe, UNESCO and the OECD, as well as of quality assurance agencies and universities among others.

Anna Gover

Director, European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA)

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Anna Gover is the Director of the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA). In this role she manages the work of the ENQA Secretariat, works with the ENQA Board to translate the strategic plan into activities for the benefit of the ENQA membership, and represents ENQA in events and meetings across Europe and beyond. In addition she coordinates ENQA’s input to quality assurance policy developments within the European Higher Education Area and internationally.

Anna has almost 10 years of experience working in quality assurance of higher education, and previously worked for the European University Association (EUA).

Sophie Guillet

Project manager at the High Council for the Evaluation of Research and Higher Education (HCERES)

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Sophie Guillet currently works at the High Council for the Evaluation of Research and Higher Education (Hcéres) in France, within the Department for European and International Affairs, where she is a project manager in charge of the agency’s relations and development. She thus regularly represents the Hcéres in European and international networks (ENQA, INQAAHE…) and events. She is notably in charge of representing France in the thematic peer group on quality assurance of the Bologna Follow-up Group, where the evaluation of European university alliances and joint programmes through the European Approach are discussed.

Prior to this, she gained experience in quality assurance while working on international projects as a higher education consultant for UNESCO’s International Institute for Educational Planning and for the World Bank. Sophie has a background in international social and public policy and is an alumna of the London School of Economics (UK) and Université PSL (France).

Maria Kelo

Maria Kelo

Director of the Institutional Development Unit (EUA)

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Maria Kelo is Director of the Institutional Development at the European University Association (EUA).

The unit’s work focuses on issues related to higher education learning and teaching, recognition and quality assurance. She is also a member of the Swiss Accreditation Council and a member of the Executive Board of EQAR.

Before joining EUA in January 2022, Maria was for over a decade the Director of ENQA, the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher as well as member of the EQAR Executive Board in 2013-2020. She took part in European policy making processes within the Bologna Process and through cooperation with the European Commission. Prior to joining ENQA, Maria worked for nine years in the field of international higher education in different European organisations and as a private consultant and has gained significant experiences on issues such as quality assurance, international higher education, and higher education reform.

Maria is a graduate of University College London and the London School of Economics.

Horia Onita

Vice President of the European Students’ Union (ESU)

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As Vice President of ESU, Horia coordinates the Quality Assurance of Higher Education clusters, represents ESU as co-chair of the Bologna Follow-Up Group (BFUG) Working Group on Social Dimension, and follows other policy developments such as EU developments on education funding through National Recovery and Resilience Plans and the European Semester.

He has been involved in the student movement for over eight years, serving as president of the National Alliance of Student Organisations in Romania, representing ANOSR in the national QA Agency board and coordinating portfolios such as Bologna Process implementation in Romania.

Armando Pires

EURASHE, President

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Armando Pires is a full professor in the area of Electrical Engineering at the Setúbal Polytechnic Institute in Portugal and Senior Researcher and Coordinator of the Energy Group at CTS/UNINOVA (Universidade Nova de Lisboa). He is the current President of EURASHE and Head of International Affairs of the Portuguese Polytechnics Coordinating Council (CCISP).

Armando served on various higher education and quality assurance-related positions in the past, for example as member of the Board of the Portuguese Agency for Assessment and Accreditation of Higher Education (A3ES), as President and Vice-President of Setúbal Polytechnic, Vice-President of CCISP and Vice-President of EURASHE.

Armando was also a President and Vice-President of the Ibero-American Association of Engineering Education Institutions (ASIBEI) and a Board member of the Portuguese Language Universities Association (AULP).

Erik Stein

NOKUT, Assistant director for Evaluations and Analysis

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Erik Stein is assistant director for Evaluations and Analysis at NOKUT. His work has focused on development of NOKUTs approach to evaluations of quality in education and the use of register and survey data for monitoring and analysing aspects of quality. He has a phd in genetics from the Agricultural University of Norway.

Beate Treml

Austria's Agency for Education and Internationalisation, Bologna Service Office (OeAD)

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Beate Treml  is Vice-Chair of the EQAR Register Committee and has been working at the OeAD, Austria’s Agency for Education and Internationalisation, Bologna Service Office since May 2019, supporting Austrian HEIs in implementing the Bologna Process.

In addition, she has been active as an independent consultant on higher education policy and trainer in students’ organisations’ capacity building in Austria and internationally since 2014.

Beate was involved in student representation on the local, national and European level, mainly working on issues of quality assurance and enhancement. She served as the International Officer of the Austrian Students Union (ÖH) in 2014/15 and as a member of the Steering Committee of the European Students’ Union’s (ESU) Students Experts’ Pool on Quality Assurance in 2015 and 2016.

From 2011 to 2016 she was a member of the General Meeting and the Governing Committee of AQ Austria. Beate has contributed to research on QA from a student perspective that was presented in conferences such as the European Quality Assurance Forum (EQAF) and the EAIR Forum.

She is a Master student in Interdisciplinary Gender Studies at the University of Graz, Austria, from which she received her BA in Economics in 2010.